Yena Kim-Hall - Kaiser Permanente Washington Eye Care Provider

Yena Kim-Hall, OD

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Yena Kim-Hall - Kaiser Permanente Washington Eye Care Provider
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Yena Kim-Hall, OD

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"I love being able to provide solutions and treatments for eye conditions."




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My Care Philosophy

Vision is such an important aspect of life, and I love being able to help patients with their sight. I believe that a patient knows their body best. I actively listen to all their concerns, and I strive to treat and counsel patients holistically. I love being able to provide solutions and treatments for eye conditions. Fitting a person with keratoconus with their first pair of contact lenses and seeing the look on their face is so rewarding. I grew up in the Kaiser Permanente health care system, and I always wanted to practice here. I loved the accessibility, transparency, and ease of getting my care in one place. As a patient and a provider, I appreciate that Kaiser Permanente doctors are compassionate and caring people. I love that everyone works as a team to deliver the best care for patients, and I love the variety of care that optometry provides -- it's never boring!

I am a
Hiker Optometrist Yogi
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Contact Lenses Optometry Urgent care Compassionate care
My passions are
Collaborative Care Diabetes Diet and Exercise Glaucoma

About Me

I grew up in California in the Bay Area. When I was 5 years old, my 7-year-old sister got her first pair of glasses. My mother cried because she was worried that glasses would get in the way of a successful life. That experience stuck with me. I believed that getting glasses shouldn't be traumatic, but something to celebrate as a tool to help you achieve your full potential. I attended the University of California San Diego and then graduated magna cum laude from optometry school in Southern California. Having spent time in both regions, I consider both Northern and Southern California home. I am happily married, and we have 2 sweet but wild dachshunds. I also love participating in volunteer events and mission trips to improve our community, such as Care Harbor and Seattle/King County Clinic.

How I Thrive

I stay mentally and physically healthy by spending time with my husband. He loves to exercise, and he inspires me to love it as much as he does. We enjoy taking our 2 dogs to the park or for hikes. Even though they're small dogs, they have no problem keeping up. They know a lot of tricks, and I'd love to teach them more. Frequent contact with my family is also important to me.


Medical School

Southern California College of Optometry, 2019, 2019